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Kenjutsu / Iaijutsu / Iaido

It has become something of a tradition within our school's history for students to practice a form of Iaijutsu or Kenjutsu alongside their Jujutsu practice.

Yasumoto Soke for example also holds high rank in Mugai Ryu Iaijutsu, while the previous Soke of Hontai Yoshin Ryu Inoue Munetoshi held rank in Toyama Ryu Iaido and went on to create and introduce the Hontai Yoshin Ryu Iai syllabus.

Yasumoto Soke, Iaijutsu

Being outside of Japan it is not always easy to find a quality school of swordsmanship locally, and being already dedicated to one form of martial art we understand that finding the additional time can also be a challenge. We do however feel that it is important that students gain at least a basic understanding of how the Japanese Sword (Nihonto) can be used correctly. 

While in modern times the sword could be considered outdated as a weapon, its practice actually forms the basis of much of our training, even predominantly weapon-less forms such as Jujutsu where posture, movement and strategy often mirror and originate with the use of the sword.

We therefore offer a basic level of sword training for our members, however for anyone looking to progress their sword skills and understanding beyond this basic level, we recommend finding a school more specifically dedicated to the sword. 

We aslo practice Kodachi (short sword) in our Dojo, however these kata come directly from the Hontai Yoshin Ryu, Takagi Ryu lineage. The Kodachi was a favoured weapon of the founder Takagi Oriemon and there are stories of him receiving a Kodachi as a gift from his lord. 

Sato Kimimaro Sensei and Kanazawa Akira Sensei demonstrating Kodachi no Kata

Class Times & Location

Monday 20:00 - 21.30


Wavell Community Campus

Lynchford Road

North Camp, Farnborough

GU14 6BH

Friday 18:30 - 20:00


The Gymnastics Centre

Pool Road


GU11 3SN

Please note, we do not accept 'walk in' students.

If you would like to attend practice please make contact first to introduce yourself and discuss your requirements. 

Please contact us for more information

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